Fiore™ Deer Placenta Bundle of 6

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Fiore Bundle of 6 x 500mg Deer Placenta Extract equivalent to 10000mg Deer Placenta Fresh Extract

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Benefits of Deer Placenta

+ Cosmetic results within two weeks.

+ Rejuvenates skin, tightens and tones up the skin.

+ Whitens the skin colour and reduces pigmentation

+ Helps in regulating menstruation cycle, insomnia and nervous problems.

+ Builds blood and is anti-aging.

+ Revitalizes body cells

Fiore Deer Placenta

+ Manufactured by the largest deer farm of New Zealand.

+ Using the latest freeze-drying techniques

+ Longer shelf-life of 2.5 years

+ Contains higher amount of placenta extract, 500mg is equivalent to 10,000mg fresh placenta.

+ Added with selected beauty elements (Marine Collagen Powder, Evening Primrose Oil, Avocado Oil and Grape Seed Oil).

+ New soft gel formula designed for absorption within your intestine. + Reasonable and affordable pricing due to direct import from factory.

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