Ginger Brown Rice Tea 40s


Ginger Brown Rice Tea 40s


A Tea to Drink For Warmth

40 sachets per bottle

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Highlanders Brown Rice Tea

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Do you work, play and sleep in an air-conditioned environment? Are your joints aching on a cold and wet day? Caught a cold or have a stomach upset? The Highlanders Ginger Brown Rice Tea is specially formulated to keep your body warm and get rid of the dampness that exists. It is suitable for those working in cold and damp environments.


Brown rice, Tangshen root, Licorice root, Wolfberries, Foxnut, Ginger

Ginger – the Warming Spice

Ginger is an aromatic and warm spice which originated from Southeast Asia. It is one of the most widely traded spices in the world and is well documented as a herb that soothes the stomach, alleviates nausea and aids digestion. It is not only warming on a cold day, but can help promote healthy sweating, which is often helpful during colds. Besides its ability to bring about gastrointestinal relief, ginger also has anti-inflammatory properties which effectively brings relief to sore joints and muscles.

Ginger Brown Rice Tea – A Tea to Drink for Warmth

Highlanders is proud to present to you the Highlanders Ginger Brown Rice Tea. Great for travelling and cold conditions, the tea is a caffeine-free, unsweetened beverage that is suitable for the modern lifestyle.

How to Prepare Highlanders Ginger Brown Rice Tea

Place a sachet into the cup and pour hot water into it. Let it steep for 5 minutes before drinking. There is no need to remove the sachet. 

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